‘She invited me to her small wedding with Riccardo. When she had a retirement party for the children’s nanny she invited me and I sat at the table with her and the kids.

I don’t know why, but she was always very kind to me.’

People also say they ‘wish they didn’t work their life away’ and women in particular ‘talk about dieting, [and regret] worrying about what their body looked like, or not eating this or not eating that because of diets and trying to look a certain way’.

Others take issue with impolite guests, with one writing: ‘Not taking shoes off when visiting my house. I have to ask my dad every single time when he visits, otherwise he just walks straight in wearing shoes and walks through the whole of downstairs and usually up to the spare room to drop off his bag.’ 

BERLIN, Nov 29 (Reuters) – German Economy Minister Robert Habeck stood behind his country’s status as an industrial nation on Tuesday, adding that his government would ensure the protection of this status.

She was always so polite, so amazing.’ Even when she was walking to the restaurant and people would want to take a picture with her or talk to her, she never refused anyone. [To us] she was our First Lady.

‘Speaking with people daily who are dying, the biggest thing is not appreciating their health.

We take a lot of things for granted — being able to see being able to eat, swallow, walk, live completely pain free. A lot of people say they didn’t appreciate that and they wish they would have.’

It’s usually, «It’s okay», like they’re comforting somebody else, or things like «I’m ready».’ ‘Most people aren’t speaking their last breath, but if they are, or close to it, it’s usually «I love you».

As her marriage to Donald, then a flashy millionaire celebrity, disintegrated, she fought for custody of the three kids. She was referring, of course, to Marla Maples, Trump’s second wife and the mother to his fourth child, Tiffany.

Son Eric also shared a heartwarming tribute with Dailymail.com – penned by himself, Ivanka and Don Jr – which remembered Ivana as an ‘incredible woman’ who was ‘a force in business, a world-class athlete, a radiant beauty, and caring mother and friend’.

Her death was announced by her ex-husband, who said on behalf of the family: ‘I am very saddened to inform all of those that loved her, of which there are many, that Ivana Trump has passed away at her home in New York City.

Can I read a contract? But I would not really like to be there. ‘Can I give the speech for 45 minutes without [a] teleprompter? Absolutely,’ she said.

Ivana wed Trump in a private ceremony held at Marble Collegiate Church in New York City – and they went on to have three children together: Donald Jr., born in 1977, Ivanka, born in 1981, and Eric, born in 1984.

‘She looked very healthy and happy.

She was a very lovely lady …. Very friendly.’ Cakirca said Ivana’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Rossano Rubicondi, who passed away last year, would also get his hair cut at the salon.

Ivana maintained a good relationship with Trump over the years, even speaking out to wish him a Happy Birthday in 2021, when she revealed that she had spoken with her ex-husband and joked to him that he shouldn’t ‘worry about his age’.

After the divorce – for which she was granted a $14million settlement and a mansion in Connecticut – Ivana left her old life of modelling behind and went on to become a businesswoman in her own right, as well as a media personality, fashion designer, and author.

She was also incredibly outspoken about her feelings towards Trump’s currently wife Melania, sensationally stating in 2017 that she was the true ‘first lady’ because she was the then-President’s first wife.

Ivana’s son Eric confirmed the news of Ivana’s death to DailyMail.com, saying in a statement issued on behalf of the family: ‘Our mother was an incredible woman – a force in business, a world-class athlete, a radiant beauty, and caring mother and friend.

Next came golden girl Ivanka in 1980, then Eric in 1984. She and Donald finalized their divorce in 1999, but she wrote in her memoir that she knew it was over a decade earlier, when she noticed another woman.

She was spotted on occasions stepping out in the Upper East Side neighborhood where her townhouse was located, either on shopping trips, or for meals that she often enjoyed with Rubicondi, before he passed away.

In November 2020, following the presidential election – which Trump lost to Joe Biden – she discussed his refusal to accept the result, saying that he was ‘not a good loser’ and that he was likely going to ‘fight and fight and fight’ against conceding the race.

Eric also took to Instagram to post a tribute to his late mother, sharing several images of the socialite and reviews on tutoring services her children over the years, including photos of Ivana with her children when they were younger.

The pile features candid shots, polaroids and agency pictures from the likes of society shooter Mary Hilliard to Ron Galella, dubbed the ‘Paparazzo Extraordinaire’ and the bane of favorite subject Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ existence.

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