Ecological Consciousness

In our farm we only use organic harvesting techniques based on preventing treatments to avoid attacks by pests. 

We manage the irrigation with a smart irrigation controller, and the feed-crop fertilization and phytosanitary treatments, as well as the foliar fertilizer applications are made with an atomizer. 

Our main olive varieties are Hojiblanca and Picual.

We use to harvest our premium quality olives in September, still in summer, at the perfect moment of ripening in the whole grove. 

The grope is organic certified as well as the operator. Our last generation oil-press allows us to perform every step of the process, starting by the defoliation and washing of the olives, continuing with the grinding, paste mixing and oil extraction, and finishing the process with the filtering and bottling the final product.


The El Esparragal brand has been awarded with two consecutive gold medals in the biggest Ecologic Extra Virgin Olive Oil contest in the Canary Islands.

Following our research and development passion, we’ve decided to expand our commercial horizons through a new organic olive oil cosmetics line that has been developed after 3 years of hard work. El Esparragal currently consists of a Vegan Certified Hands Cream and a bath and shower gel called Oleogel

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