The Pipa is compatible with a long list of strollers, including the many stylish offerings from Nuna. Nuna Pipa

The Nuna Pipa is another popular premium infant car seat. There’s also a two-position canopy with a «Dream Drape» that pulls out and attaches to the bottom of the seat with magnets for full baby coverage.  The seat itself uses flame resistant materials without added fire-retardant chemicals.

No one enjoys interrupting their baby’s precious sleep, which is why travel systems that let you transfer a car seat to a stroller exist. The Doona infant car seat stroller takes that concept a step further by building a compact stroller into the car seat itself. 

The two older clubs feature paperback books, and the Book Droplet club features hardcover picture books. The Book Drop

$10 to $20 a month, plus $4 shipping

This book club is run by Bethany Beach Books, an independent bookstore in Bethany Beach, Delaware. It has clubs for adults and three for kids: The Book Droplet (ages 3-7), Middle Grade (ages 8-12) and Young Adult (13 and up). You’ll need to put your trust in the bookstore staff because you aren’t able to offer any input about the types of books your kid likes to read, and you can’t return a book you receive if you happen to already own it. You’ll get one book per month, chosen by the staff at the bookstore. The Middle Grade club costs $10 a month, the YA club costs $13 a month and the Book Droplet club costs $20 a month. You’ll also be billed $4 a month for shipping for any of the clubs.

Like other infant car seats, the Doona is most convenient when used with the base it comes with. Once the base is secured, you can click the car seat in place and buckle your child in. If they fall asleep, you can take the seat out of the car and convert it to stroller mode in just a few simple steps. With practice, you’ll be able to do it without your baby even flinching.  You then have more options when taking baby out of the car. That base is easy to install using the LATCH hooks, which tighten with a turn of a knob.

Having the ability to take my daughter out of the car and instantly roll her into a store for a quick errand was a game-changer. I could see the Doona being a lifesaver for parents with small cars and/or limited cargo space. Pressing my luck, I drove to another store and did it again, turning what would have been a 10-minute nap into a 45-minute one. This is nothing new if you have an infant car seat and compatible stroller, but not having to dig the rolling portion of the travel system out of the trunk each time saves you a lot of trouble (not to mention your back). I was able to stealthily hoist the seat out of the car, transform it into a stroller, and venture into the store without her waking up.

Pricing for the three-book boxes is $36 for the Sunshine Box and $51 for either the Rainbow Box or Treehouse Box. For each subscription, you can choose to receive three or five books each quarter. Instead of sending out books monthly, however, this club operates on a quarterly schedule. It offers three clubs for kids: Sunshine Box (0-2 years), Rainbow Box (2-5 years) and Treehouse Box (5-8 years). OurShelves

Similar to Equal Opportunity Book Box, OurShelves features books with diverse and inclusive characters from under-represented identities. Discounts are available if you purchase an annual subscription, and you can save 10% if you buy a second subscription. 

But its solid build quality and unique carrier feature help justify the cost. At its $300 list price, the Coral XP is on the pricier end of the spectrum. (However, it can at times be had at significant discounts, so keep an eye out.)

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And there are plenty of opportunities to engage young learners while they’re away from school.  The best children’s book subscriptions will provide options for kids and young adults to explore the topics they are most invested in, and summer break is a great time to sign up for a book subscription service so your kids can catch up on their reading and develop necessary reading skills. Book subscription services are a great way to access a range of books curated to your specific taste. And they aren’t just for assignment tutor adults — there are clubs for kids, too.

Century’s convertible car seat, the DriveOn Three-in-One, certainly meets that last criteria. Launched in early 2021, Century is a newcomer to the baby gear game. A sister brand to Graco, Century offers easy-to-use products made from sustainable materials at an affordable price. Priced around $160, the DriveOn Three-in-One offers a lot of value for the money. 

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