Connectors 101: Understanding Board to Board Connector

When it comes to connecting PCBs (Printed Circuits Boards), board to board connectors are used. They join PCBs with out making use of wires. The sort of connector is mostly made from plastic and metal straps. Board to board connectors are comprised of two linking elements; the primary part has pins and is connected to […]

Board to Board Connectors Connection Form And Floating Structure

What is a Board to Board Connectors? As its identify suggests, it is a connector that connects boards to boards. It is usually referred to as Board to Board Connector, board-to-board connector, and so on. It started with a pin (called a pin header) that stands on the board and a socket into which it’s […]

Fundamentals of Board-to-Board Connectors

Board-to-board (BTB) connectors are one in all the preferred types of connectors that join signals between two printed circuit boards (PCBs) without a cable. At Amphenol, we offer a wide range of excessive-performance board-to-board options to fit your particular software necessities. Board-to-board connectors could be classified into subgroups primarily based on their elementary features and […]