The Virginia socialite mom snared in an FBI sting for allegedly planning a horrific assault on an eight-year-old girl – has made another bid for freedom, can exclusively reveal.

Eleanor Hunton Hoppe has again asked for pre-trial release from the Central Detention Facility in Washington DC where she has been held since her dramatic arrest at a hotel in March.  

Weeks ago in November, learned that the 45-year-old had been considering a plea deal by the government, but we can also reveal that the offer may now be off the table.

Hoppe – who is the ex-wife of a federal judge – filed a motion to be freed on December 9 saying she was ‘not particularly dangerous’ and wants to be allowed to live with an aunt while proceedings continue.

It is the second time the mom-of-two has attempted to be sprung from incarceration over the case in which she’s accused of driving to meet a man she believed would bring his young daughter so they could abuse her together.

Eleanor Hunton Hoppe, 45, filed another motion for her release on December 9, saying she’s ‘not particularly dangerous’ and has asked to live with an aunt while she awaits trial

Hoppe (pictured left with her ex-husband Judge Joel Hoppe) had been offered a plea deal by the government in her child porn case earlier this year, legal filings previously revealed

Her first attempt was in April when she tried to convince a judge she was an ‘upstanding citizen’ – and deserved freedom because she was a University of Virginia graduate and had worked at a law firm.

But the judge threw out the plea, saying the ‘weight of evidence is strong’ and she is ‘a grave danger to the community’.

This time Hoppe’s bid is revealed in a motion to the United States District Court for the District of Columbia on December 12 in which the government asks for details of her medical treatment.

The mom – a member of one of the most prestigious legal families in Richmond – told the court in her first release attempt that she suffers serious conditions, including multiple sclerosis. She said this needs intensive care that is not available in jail.

Of the new bid, the government wrote: ‘On December 9, 2023, the defendant filed a motion for release from pre-trail detention, alleging that the DC Department of Corrections is not providing her with her required medications on a daily basis.

‘The defendant argues that she is not ‘particularly dangerous’ and requests release into the custody of her aunt.

‘In order to respond to the defendant’s claim, the government needs information from DOC regarding its provision of medication to the defendant… the government therefore seeks and order from the court.’

Two days later Judge Rudolph Conteras ordered the DC Department of Corrections to hand over the information.

Uncertainty over Hoppe’s plea deal offer – exclusively revealed by – was also referred to in the government’s December 12 motion.

New filings obtained by reveal details of her bid for freedom, in which she claimed she is not receiving proper medical care behind bars for her health conditions

Judge Rudolph Conteras ordered the DC Department of Corrections to hand over information regarding its ‘provision of medication’ to Hoppe behind bars 

It wrote: ‘On August 11, 2023, the government formally extended a plea offer to one count of coercion and enticement. To date the government has not received a response regarding a plea from the defendant.

‘On October 23, 2023, the government informed counsel for the defendant that the plea offer would expire on the date of the next status hearing (then set for December 12, 2023, now December 14, 2023).’

The arrest of Hoppe, the ex-wife of federal judge Joel Hoppe, stunned elite communities in Charlottesville, where she was living and her native Richmond, where she grew up amid wealth and privilege as a member of a legal powerhouse family.

She was snared at a hotel in Warrenton, Virginia, in March after allegedly arranging to meet a man she believed was a perverted father she had met on a fetish website.

It is claimed she planned to sexually abuse the man’s eight-year-old girl with him. But the girl was fictitious and the man she had been chatting with online turned out to be an FBI agent.

Hoppe’s ex-husband Joel Hoppe, a magistrate judge in the Western District of Virginia, sought to modify the custody agreement for his two daughters after her arrest earlier this year

Hoppe had messaged the undercover cop sickening details about what she wanted to do the child, according to court filings.

She was also accused of sending the agent a 30-second video and three still images of young minor girls being horrifically sexually abused by men.

Hoppe pleaded not guilty to distribution of child pornography, coercion and enticement of a minor and attempted transportation of a minor with intent to engage in sexual activity. has previously revealed astonishing exclusive details surrounding the case – including her ex-husband’s fight for sole custody of their 10 and 12-year-old daughters in which he confided her alleged sexual exploits.

The ruling in April against her release contained the startling claim that she ‘allegedly used her own minor daughters as a lure to engage with the undercover officer, who she believed to have access to a minor child’.

It also determined: ‘Although there is little to no evidence that Ms. Hoppe poses a flight risk, the government’s allegations suggest that she poses a grave danger to the community.

‘First, the government presented evidence that Ms. Hoppe has knowledge of sophisticated encrypted communication platforms, which are known to law enforcement as popular applications among people trafficking child pornography.

Hunton Hoppe’s dramatic arrest outside a hotel in Warrenton, Virginia in March came after weeks of messaging with an undercover FBI agent about a fictitious eight-year-old girl she allegedly sought to abuse

Joel Hoppe filed for divorce from in May 2020, eight months after the couple separated, claiming she ‘initiated sexual contact, and committed adultery’ with another man

‘Her alleged use of these platforms is indicative of consciousness of wrongdoing.

‘Second, Ms. Hoppe’s alleged actions target the most vulnerable victim population – young minor children.

‘Finally, Ms. Hoppe’s alleged actions demonstrate a willingness to put other minor children at risk. Considering this high risk of danger to the community, this factor weighs strongly in favor of pretrial detention.

‘Taken together, the court finds the government has proved by clear and convincing evidence that no combination of conditions could ensure the safety of the community.’

Hoppe had previously worked in child advocacy and support organizations and was a volunteer at her prestigious local Episcopal church in Charlottesville that is affiliated with the University of Virginia, has already revealed.

The mom is accused of entered a fetish website where users discuss and trade images of child sex abuse, according to the criminal complaint filed in the US District Court for the District of Columbia.

She allegedly used the screen-name ‘titotori’ and started an email chat with another user, who was an undercover FBI Task Force officer based at the Washington DC field office and operating out of a satellite location.

According to the filing, Hoppe told the agent she was a mother and wanted to chat about ‘taboo parenting’.

The undercover officer responded he was the father of a young girl, at which point Hoppe directed the agent to a social media app that encrypts messages.

There, she used the name ‘tori4fun’ and in a series of messages starting February 23 she revealed she lived in Charlottesville.

The agent asked Hoppe to verify she was ‘safe’ by sending an image of herself holding up her thumb near her breast. The photo showed her lifting her shirt up, exposing her bare breast and with her face partially visible, said the filing.

A criminal complaint obtained by earlier this year confirmed she was charged with three federal crimes: Distributing child porn, enticement of a minor and attempted transportation of a minor with attempt to engage in sexual activity

On February 27, the Virginia mom allegedly contacted the agent through the app to ask about the abuse he was perpetrating against his daughter, saying ‘what do you think your next step will be?’

Throughout the message exchange Hoppe expressed an interest in traveling to Washington to abuse the undercover agent’s fictitious daughter with him, the papers stated.

She repeatedly said she wanted to help the ‘father’ introduce the eight-year-old to sexual activity – and around March 12 it was agreed she would travel from her home, said the filing.

Hoppe is said to have messaged the undercover agent with the sickening words: ‘I can’t wait and then of course, putting her to bed and waking her up to do a few extra things will be so fun.’

She then suggested something about anal sex, later adding: ‘Has she seen videos of little girls with her dad yet?’

Hoppe is then said to have sent the agent a 30-second clip of a ‘small-framed female who appears to be on a bed’.

The complaint says: ‘The small female, who appears to be a minor, can only be seen from behind, and she is nude from the waist down.’ It continues to say that a man is having sex with the female in the video.

According to the criminal complaint Hoppe wrote to the agent on March 8 regarding the daughter: ‘A great thing to do is wake her up by trying new things … that hazy/dreamlike state is perfect to introduce a variety of new things.’

Four days later while allegedly discussing travel plans, the report says she wrote: ‘If I were you, I’d start building up Thursday telling her that you know it’s gonna be super fun we’re gonna hang out with an old friend of yours.

‘It’s going to be the best night ever blah blah blah and then once I get there, obviously, it will take a slight turn.’

On March 16, the filing says, Hoppe sent three images to the undercover agent who was in an FBI office. All three showed men having sex with prepubescent minor girls.

That afternoon it was agreed she would travel 70 miles to a hotel in Warrenton.

‘Hoppe sent the UC (undercover officer) a photograph of a pink silk robe she would bring, with the message, ‘Her big girl robe for tonight’.’

Even as she traveled for the meeting, Hoppe messaged with horrific instructions and suggestions, it is alleged. However, she was arrested as soon as she arrived at the hotel.

Despite claiming she had traveled there to save the child from abuse, officers found a pink children’s bag containing lubricant, silk underwear and a pink silk robe in her car.

Judge Hoppe, who sits at the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia, later filed for sole custody of their children days after the arrest, citing shocking allegations in legal documents exclusively revealed by

The ex-spouses had previously agreed to joint physical custody in May 2021 after a messy divorce battle – during which the magistrate judge accused his ex-wife of hunting for sex with other men and women.

In court papers filed in Albemarle Circuit Court, Virginia, Joel, 46, further claimed that his ex had brought a sexual partner back to the marital home while their young daughters were there.

Judge Hoppe filed for divorce in May 2020, eight months after he separated from the daughter of high-profile attorney Eppa Hunton V, 75.

His five-page complaint for sole custody, Penis enlargement obtained by, stated: ‘On or about August 7, 2019, defendant initiated sexual contact, and committed adultery by having oral sex, with a male partner, not her spouse.

‘On August 22, 2019, defendant had sexual intercourse with a male, not her spouse, in the city of Charlottesville, Virginia.

‘Subsequent to those two sexual encounters, defendant has, on frequent occasions, attempted to engage other men and women for sexual encounters.’

It then added: ‘Upon reasonable belief, defendant has brought a sexual partner into marital residence…. while the minor children were present. The aforesaid behavior exposes the minor children to risk of emotional harm.’

The $200,000-a-year judge also made clear he was not involved in anything his then-wife was doing, with the complaint stating: ‘The adultery was not procured nor due do the conniving of the plaintiff.’

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